Netteswell Pond taking shape

Tuesday, 5 March, 2019

It's all happening at Netteswell Pond... 

Desilting the pond has been completed – the silt that was removed from the pond is currently sitting in areas around the pond where it will be left there to dry out, after which it will be covered with grass and wildflower seed. It's going to take quite a while - up to a year - for the mounds to dry out in order for this to happen, so for the time being this area will be fenced off and out of bounds to the public.

Removing the silt has achieved some important things: the depth of the water has increased by over two feet, which means the fish can swim deeper and hide away from predators, and they will be more protected from the effects of hot weather in the summer. It also means that the pond will be able to provide greater flood protection due to its increased capacity.

All the fish that were removed (over 6,000 of them) are back, including the 55 large ones which weigh up to 15lb.

Our brilliant volunteers will be spending the next few weeks carrying out litter picks and other works at the pond site as there is an awful lot in the area.

Other works to be completed soon include setting up a nesting area for the ducks who live at the pond, and installing new bins, signage and benches. The benches have been made over at Parndon Wood and are looking great.

We're looking forward to seeing the finished article, which we hope will once again become a popular place for you to enjoy!