Residents clean-up 400 bags of litter for Harlow Spring Clean

Wednesday, 8 May, 2019

The Great British Spring Clean saw 55 Harlow resident groups’ clean-up approximately 400 bags of litter off the streets and parks in Harlow.

Over 1,900 adults and children took part in the event, which ran from March 22 to April 23, with the aim of bringing together individuals, community organisations, businesses and councils to make a difference to the environment on our doorstep.

Harlow Council launched the event after council staff, councillors and staff from HTS and Veolia carried out the first litter pick in Staple Tye, filling up over 25 bags of rubbish. To further support this initiative, the Council provided the use of litter picking equipment and arranged the removal of rubbish collected. Community groups, residents’ associations and schools will each be receiving £100 at a special awards ceremony to be held at the Civic Centre, as a thank you for their efforts.

Throughout the campaign, the Council has been regularly sharing photos on social media showcasing Harlow’s #LitterHeroes and the incredible work they have done; volunteering their time to help make Harlow a more pleasant place to live.

Krizim Feltham from St John’s (ARC), said: “We are pleased to say that the seven volunteers at St John's Arts and Recreation Centre in Old Harlow collected 10 bags of rubbish around the centre and the streets nearby in one and a half hours. This included 125 cigarette stubs, 52 glass bottles and a hard hat!”

Shona Briscoe, Learning Mentor at Fawbert & Barnard's School, said: “Thank you for allowing us to take part in Harlow Spring Clean, the children had a fantastic time and were shocked at how much rubbish people actually throw onto our street.  Some people from local houses also came out to praise the children on helping to look after our environment.”

Each clean-up was in addition to the everyday work HTS does to keep Harlow town clean. Every year the Council spends around £2 million on its daily cleaning of the streets, whether that is picking up litter, clearing dumped rubbish, or cleaning off graffiti. 

Brian Keane, Managing Director of Harlow Council, said:

“This year, we have had a record-breaking number of residents take part in Harlow’s Spring Clean and the results have been amazing!

“We would like to thank all our residents who have selflessly given their time to help organise and take part in the clean-up of Harlow Town.

“It is events like these which demonstrate the positive impact residents can have when they come together to support and take care of their community.”

The council is working closely with HTS to look at a long-term campaign to encourage people to take pride in the town and to work with them to keep Harlow clean and tidy.

If you see a cleaning issue which needs sorting, report it and HTS will sort it -