Council and police working together to support those at risk of domestic abuse

Tuesday, 2 July, 2019

More than 50 businesses in Harlow town centre have helped raises awareness about a domestic violence disclosure scheme.

Clare’s Law allows people who think they have a violent partner or former partner to request information about them.

In other situations, we have the right to disclose information to victims through the scheme.

On Wednesday 26 June, Harlow Council joined Essex Police, in distributing posters across the town centre to businesses such as hairdressers, surgeries, pharmacies, restaurants and banks.

Brian Keane, Harlow Council’s Managing Director, said: 

“It is important that we work together with the police to raise awareness of the advice and support available to those affected by domestic abuse and encourage perpetrators to seek help to change their behaviour.

“Clare’s Law gives people the right to make an application for information about a person who may present a risk to someone they are in an intimate relationship with. 

“Last week, alongside the police, our officers have been out in the community distributing posters to local businesses, retailers, GP surgeries and a range of other agencies. It’s great to see local businesses and organisations joining this campaign and standing with us to raise awareness of Clare’s law.” 

Detective Sergeant Adam Goodger, of Harlow’s Domestic Abuse Investigation Team, said: 

“This initiative has helped raise awareness about Clare’s Law and peoples’ right to ask for information about a former or current partner.

“This will enable people to know whether their partner or former partner has a record of violence, helping to keep them and their families safe.

“Absolutely anyone can apply for a disclosure using Clare’s Law – so if someone is worried about their own relationship, or someone else’s, they can make a request for information to find out if there is a risk of abuse.

“I would like to thank Harlow Council for completing this work with us and the business community for displaying these posters, which will help to keep Harlow’s communities safer.”

For more information about the scheme and how to make an application under Clare’s Law, please read: