Enfield takes steps to no longer place families in Harlow town centre

Friday, 20 September, 2019

This week Enfield Council has announced that they will no longer being placing their families in Redstone House in Harlow town centre. They have a plan to support their residents in moving back to Enfield within the next six months.


Redstone House is a former office block converted into housing a few years ago by a private company under permitted development rights (does not require planning permission from the council)

The Leader of Harlow Council, Councillor Mark Ingall, said:

“Last year Enfield Council were responsible for around 50 per cent of the “out of borough” placements made in Harlow so this is significant and a welcome move by Enfield Council. I have worked closely with the Leader of Enfield Council, Councillor Caliskan, and she shares our concerns about the effect ‘out of borough’ placements has on the families concerned and the impact on Harlow’s town centre and local services.

“Enfield are the first council to announce that they will work to move their residents out of Harlow town centre and other councils should follow. Enfield are a positive example of the stance councils should take.

“Those in housing need, and in often vulnerable situations, need to be supported in the area they live and not forced miles away and placed in Harlow or anywhere else in the country. While I have some sympathy for the situation London councils and other councils are in, they all have a responsibility to support their communities and to not use Harlow to ease their own housing shortages.”