Supplementary Planning Documents

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) provide supporting advice and guidance to support policies contained in a Local Development Plan. SPDs are not part of the statutory development plan but are important in providing additional guidance for development plan policies. They can be site specific or thematic

Adopted SPDs

The relationship between the Harlow Design Guide SPD and the Essex Design Guide

In general terms, the Harlow Design Guide replaces the 1997 Essex Design Guide (pdf) as Harlow Council’s adopted design guidance. Applicants will however be required to consult with the Highways Authority Essex County Council on all highways matters. In this regard, applicants should also have regard to the services and access chapter of the Essex Design Guide, which provides detailed highways design guidance, in addition to current best practice guidance, including Manual for Streets 1 and 2.

Cancelled SPDs

Harlow Council adopted the Harlow Common Guidelines SPD in March 2007, however this was superseded by the above Harlow Design Guide SPD