What we spend and how we spend it

The following items in our Publication Scheme which relate to the category 'What we spend and how we spend it', covers financial information about projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, contracts and financial audits.

  Information/documents and how this can be obtained

Financial statements, budgets and variance reports

Website: Payments to suppliers over £500

Website: Statement of Accounts

Website: Budget book

Capital Programme

Website: Capital spending summary is included in Statement of Accounts

The members’ allowance scheme and the allowances paid under it to the Councillors each year

Website: Constitution part 6 - Members Allowance Scheme

Website: Allowances paid to Councillors

Pay and grading structure


Website: Harlow Council pay scales

Website: Multiple Pay Ratio:

Election expenses (returns or declarations and accompanying documents relating to election expenses sent to the council)

Public inspection: Candidates’ electoral expenses

Procurement Procedures

Website: Tender process and documentation

Details of grants to the voluntary community and social enterprise sector

Website: Grants paid to the voluntary community

Internal financial regulations

Website: Financial regulations and procedure rules are contained in the Constitution part 4 - Rules of Procedure

Funding for partnership arrangements

Website: Related Party Transactions are included annually in the published Statement of Accounts