Pest control - Squirrels

1. Is there only one species of squirrel?Grey Squirrel

No. There are many species of squirrel but there are only two species living in the wild in the UK.

The most common is the Grey squirrel (Scuirus Carolinensis) and secondly there is the Red squirrel (Scuirus Vulgaris), which is only found in a few isolated areas around the UK.

2. How do squirrels get into my property?

A hole need only be as big as a squirrel's head to allow access. If they have been seen entering the property, their access points will be known, but otherwise a piece of newspaper stuffed securely into a suspected access hole can be easily removed by a squirrel and will show that a hole is in use.Red Squirrel

3. How do I stop squirrels from getting into my property?

The RSPCA advise the use of strong wire netting with a mesh size no larger that 25mm to block any access holes, plus repair to any slipped slates, rotten soffits or missing bricks.

4. Does Harlow Council provide a service to treat for squirrels?

No. Harlow Council will not treat squirrels. You will need to contact a private pest controller.