Payments - automated telephone line

You can pay Council Tax, Housing and Garage Rents, Household Insurance, Business Rates, service charges, Debtors (Sundry Debts) and Housing Benefit Overpayments by debit or credit card using the automated telephone line.

01279 446600

Please note: To pay a Penalty Charge Notice's (parking fine) please visit Essex Parking Partnership.

How to use:

Before you call you will need:

  • the reference number of the account you wish to pay
  • the amount you wish to pay
  • a pen or a pencil to jot down the receipt number or your balance
  • your debit or credit card

Call 01279 446600 and you will then be guided through the five easy steps of making the payment. You will be asked to:

  • choose the type of payment you want to make out of the options
    1. for Council Tax
    2. for Housing Rents
    3. for Household Insurance
    4. for Business Rates
    5. for Service Charges
    6. for Debtors (Sundry Debts)
    7. Housing Benefits Overpayments
  • enter the reference number
  • enter the amount you wish to pay
  • enter your card details
  • confirm that you want the payment to go through

Once you have confirmed that you want the payment to go through, you will be given your receipt number for the payment. Done!

If you wish to pay another bill you will be guided back to the beginning.

If you require any further information on this service please Contact Harlow