Tuck in takeaway pledge

Harlow Council is participating in an Essex wide campaign in support of takeaway food establishments that take steps to improve the nutritional quality of their food.Tuck In

Businesses who sign-up to take the TUCK IN pledge will take steps to reduce the salt, sugar and fat content of the takeaway food served. As part of the TUCK IN pledge the business will receive free online Level 2 Nutrition training.

Nutrition training helps staff to fully understand why reducing the salt, sugar and fat content of the food they serve is so important. Good training also encourages staff to go further with the healthy catering practices, that are essential to maintaining a thriving food business, and that can meet the growing demands of customers for alternative, healthier options.

Takeaway food businesses who have taken the TUCK IN pledge can display the TUCK IN logo on their premises.

In order to take the pledge a food business must first demonstrate it has considered the salt, sugar and fat contained in the food they serve. The business must also commit to making a continuous effort to reduce the salt, sugar and fat content of the food it serves. This includes:

  • reducing fats in fried food by using the correct frying temperature
  • shaking excess fat from food after frying
  • keeping oil fresh and using healthier oils for frying such as rapeseed or sunflower oil
  • reducing the amount of sugar and salt used in cooking
  • ensuring water and low/no sugar drinks are available
  • offering grilled foods instead of fried
  • increasing the amount of vegetables and fruit available on the menu
  • providing packets of salt instead of free-running salt cellars
  • always making sure smaller portion sizes are on offer

Harlow’s TUCK IN campaign has been set up in association with local authorities from across Essex and is funded by the Department of Health and is based on the 'Responsibility Deal'. Businesses commit to providing food that is lower in salt, sugar and fat, whilst also offering increased fruit and vegetables, wholegrain, and other healthier options.

Further information about the project and details of the businesses in the Harlow area that have taken the pledge can be found on the TUCK IN website


How to apply

Only food businesses that have achieved a Food Hygiene rating of 3 or above can apply to take the TUCK IN pledge.

If you are a takeaway food business and you are interested in taking the TUCK IN pledge please contact Harlow Council's Environmental Health Services email: env.health@harlow.gov.uk or call: 01279 446111. You will receive free advice, details of how to take the TUCK IN pledge, and information on how to complete the free Level 2 Nutrition training.