Vehicle refinishers

Many professional-grade spray paints, lacquers and paint strippers release harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can disperse into the atmosphere.

To operate a vehicle re-sprayer in Harlow which uses more than one tonne of organic solvents in a 12 month period, you need to have an environmental permit from Harlow Council.

We issue permits with conditions to limit emissions and minimise solvent use. We carry out inspections to check the conditions of the permit are being met. 

The conditions are based on government guidance

The following companies have a Vehicle Refinishing Process permit in Harlow:

Nationwide DWS Harlow

Photo DWS Bodyworks building
Address River Way, Templefeilds, Harlow CM20 2ES
Telephone 01279 630300
Grid reference X (Easting) 546503, Y (Northing) 212339
Permit first issued March 2010
Risk category Low


Alexander Dennis

Photo Alexander Dennis
Address Unit B, Barrows Road, Pinnacles Industial Estate, Harlow CM19 5FD
Telephone 01279 770600
Grid reference X (Easting) 542646, Y (Northing) 209683
Permit first issued July 2018
Risk category Medium