Volunteering - green spaces

There are many opportunities for people to volunteer around the Town to help with conservation areas and wild spaces.

You will not only be making a very important contribution towards to conserving Harlow’s wildlife, but will also have the opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people.

Green space volunteering work can also be very useful work experience, particularly if you are looking to work in horticulture, nature conservation or park management.

Town Park volunteers

The Town Park volunteers carry out gardening and horticultural work at the Town Park.

They meet every other Thursday at the Walled Gardens.

Pets' Corner also offers many volunteering opportunities including working with the animals, helping with events, in the gift shop or becoming a Friend of Pets' Corner.

Wildspace volunteersWildspace! volunteers

This group carries out conservation work at Parndon Wood such as scrub clearance, pond dredging and bridge building.

They meet every Tuesday from 10am to 1pm.

No previous experience is necessary and all tools and equipment are provided.

For more information, email wildspace@harlow.gov.uk.

ECCO volunteers

There are many opportunities to volunteer at Parndon Wood – run by ECCO.

Work will involve helping to maintain the reserve, serving in the café or carrying out species surveys.

For more information, email: info@ecco.org.uk  

Harlow Conservation Volunteers

Harlow Conservation Volunteers work to conserve the town’s wildlife and countryside.

The group meets twice a month on a Sunday on a site in or around Harlow.

They carry out practical conservation work such as managing woodlands, building stiles, cleaning out streams and clearing footpaths.

The practical projects are to achieve the aims of the Biodiversity Action Plan produced by the Harlow Biodiversity Partnership

For more information, visit the Harlow Conservation Volunteers website or email hcv@harlowwildlife.org.uk

Greenteam volunteers

Harlow Greenteam volunteers

The Harlow Greenteam is a group of volunteers supported by Harlow Council, who work to improve biodiversity in the town.

Tasks run on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 10am to 3pm, but anytime you can spare is greatly appreciated.

Tasks vary throughout the year and are very dependent upon the weather. For instance during the autumn and winter work includes coppicing, pollarding, and tree planting. During the spring and summer, they plant wildflowers, build bridges, steps, and boardwalks, and even make charcoal.

The group involves people of all ages in its practical work. No prior experience is required. Training, tools, protective gear and materials are all provided.

For more information, email contact@harlow.gov.uk