Many activities in the town, particularly some types of entertainment, require licences. Harlow Council is responsible for issuing these licences and ensuring that the law is not broken.

Traders/retailers that may need a licence include, betting shops/bingo halls/family entertainment centres, sex shops and cinemas, motor salvage businesses and Bars/clubs/restaurants (for sale of alcohol and entertainment purposes).

Harlow Council has responsibility for the following areas of licensing:

Other licences

The Licensing Team receive enquiries about licensing schemes that are administered by other bodies, below are contact details for the most frequent requests:

Licensing Team

Harlow Council Licensing Team also organises the successful BOBB pubwatch scheme, that bans known troublemakers from town centre pubs and clubs, piloting a taxi marshal scheme at the town centre cab ranks to help minimise trouble and help people to leave the area on Friday and Saturday nights and also regularly conducts enforcement work in bars and pubs to ensure that there are no banned drugs on the customers or on premises.

Working with Essex County Council Trading Standards, we carrying out test purchasing of alcohol and other age limited goods to ensure that shopkeepers are complying with the law.

Contact the Licensing Team

For information on any of the licenses issued by Harlow Council please contact the Licensing Team on 01279 446005 / 446009 or email: or by post:

Licensing Team
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