Parking permits

MiPermits - virtual permits

The North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) have introduced MiPermit in Harlow. Using a secure online MiPermit account, residents are able to set up their resident and visitor permits themselves and pay by credit/debit card at any time. With a virtual permit in place, residents and visitors will no longer need to display paper permits or scratch cards, which will be phased out. To use a virtual permit, simply ensure the correct vehicle registration number is on the virtual permit nothing needs to be displayed in the vehicle.

Residents purchasing visitor permits via the MiPermit system will save money with ten virtual visitor permits costing £10 as opposed to ten daily paper visitor permits costing £15.

For help to register for a MiPermit account or for any questions about the system please contact the North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) by email: or call 01206 282316.

Daily paper visitor parking permits

Daily paper visitor parking permits are available to purchase, with proof of address (such as utility bill or driving licence), from Contact Harlow at the Civic Centre.

The daily paper visitor permits, which are displayed in vehicles, will gradually be phased out and replaced by MiPermit, over the coming year.

It is cheaper for residents to buy visitors permits via MiPermit; 10 permits bought online cost £10, compared to 10 daily paper permits at £15.

Other parking permits

Harlow Council is responsible for the administration of the following permits within Harlow:

Residential parking permits schemes

The administration and enforcement of residential parking permits is undertaken by the North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP).

Penalty Charge Notices (parking fines)

Enforcement of parking and waiting restrictions, both on Harlow streets and in Harlow Council owned car parks, is undertaken by the North Essex Parking Partnership.

A Penalty Charge Notice is issued to a vehicle owner where an infringement has been seen to take place. You can pay Penalty Charge Notices on the North Essex Parking Partnership website