Traffic Orders - proposed parking restrictions

Traffic Orders (aka Traffic Regulation Orders or TROs) are written legal agreements developed by the highway authority allowing the police and or local authorities to enforce various regulations including: speed limits, on-street parking, one way streets and other restrictions. Most Traffic Orders come about as a result of feedback from local communities and the police, to address specific traffic congestion or quality of life issues.

More information on how to request parking restrictions in your area


Harlow Council gives notice of proposed Traffic Orders within the Harlow District. The proposed Traffic Order progresses through the following stages:

  • Notice Of Intention (NOI) - this is the formal announcement of the proposed Traffic Order and the consultation closing date
    • The Map details the extent of the proposed Traffic Order
    • Once the consultation has closed the comments are considered against a set criteria
  • Notice of Making (NOM) – in this we state that we have consulted, there has been no substantive amendments required and a date of the proposed Traffic Order
  • Order – this provides details of the Traffic Order and restrictions along with the date the order will come in to effect

Where a Traffic Order ;consultation has taken place previously but there was not enough of a resident uptake for a permit scheme, we will only consult again after a three year period.



The current traffic orders are also under Downloads.