The Harlow Council Website has been designed with accessibility in mind. The website is constructed using Drupal.

Recite Tool

Select the Accessibility button on the top right of this website to start the Recite toolbar.

Recite Toolbar features

  • Back: Rewind to the previous paragraph of text
  • Play: Click the Play button to read the text aloud
  • Forward: Skip forward to the next paragraph of text
  • Decrease: This will decrease the text size
  • Font: You can change the font that displays on the page
  • Increase: This will increase the text size
  • Colour: Change the background, text and link colours
  • Ruler: Click to enable the reading ruler
  • Margins: Change the text dimensions by narrowing the width of the text column.
  • Screen Mask: Will create a letterbox for focused viewing of a section of the page
  • Dictionary: Highlight and click on this to find the definition of the word
  • Text Mode: Remove images and view in plain text mode MP3: Highlight the text then click to download text as an MP3
  • Magnifier: Click and drag the magnifying glass to magnify text on the screen
  • Language: Translate text into a different language
  • Settings: Adjust your Recite settings
  • Reset: This will restore the default settings
  • User Guide: Will give you an overview of the Recite Me Toolbar Features

The user guide and FAQs for the Recite toolbar is also available at:


Where images have been used we have added 'Alt' tags - text alternatives so that you can still read what the image is meant to convey if you are using something like a screen reader to read the web page.

Text resize

We have been careful to make sure that we haven't fixed the size of the textual information on the web site so that visitors who wish to can alter the font size on the screen to make it easier to read.

There are text resize buttons within the Recite toolbar.


This website publishes most documents as PDF files. Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® DC is free software you can use to read and access the information contained within PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC contains many capabilities specifically designed to make it easier for people with disabilities to read PDF files, regardless of whether the files have been optimized for accessibility. It leverages accessibility functions built into Windows® and Mac OS systems and allows adjustment of user preferences to optimize the reading experience for a variety of disabilities. For more information visit: