May elections

You must register to vote in the upcoming May elections before Wednesday 17 April. If you cannot attend the elections, you can apply for a postal vote before 5pm on Wednesday 17 April. Find all the key dates on our election news page.


New tenancy agreement

Harlow Council's introductory and secure tenancy agreement will be changing from Monday 15 April 2024.

You can view a copy of the:

We have made these changes after consulting with all affected tenants. We considered all the responses we received from this consultation and made changes before this new agreement was approved.

The new agreement includes, but is not limited to, changes to:

  • tenancy fraud
  • assignment, mutual exchange, subletting and lodgers
  • succession
  • rent
  • looking after your property
  • gardens
  • antisocial behaviour and harassment
  • use of property
  • parking and vehicles
  • keeping pets
  • repairs and maintenance
  • recharges
  • ending your tenancy
  • breach of the tenancy agreement

The new agreement has also been amended to make it easier to read and understand.

Affected tenants will receive a formal notice of variation, confirming the changes, together with a copy of the new agreement and summary of changes. 

No action if required from you. On 15 April 2024, the new terms and conditions of tenancy will replace the existing conditions in your tenancy agreement.