New tenancy agreement

We are planning to make changes to the terms of our introductory and secure tenancy agreement.

The current tenancy agreement has been in place since 2012 and now needs to be updated because of changes in the law and regulations.

The proposed new agreement has also been amended to make it easier to read and understand.

The new agreement includes, but is not limited to, changes to:

  • tenancy fraud
  • assignment, mutual exchange, sub-letting and lodgers
  • succession
  • rent
  • looking after your property
  • gardens
  • antisocial behaviour and harassment
  • use of property
  • parking and vehicles
  • keeping pets
  • repairs and maintenance
  • recharges
  • ending your tenancy
  • breach of the tenancy agreement

For full details of all the changes, read the draft of the proposed new tenancy agreement (pdf)

You can also read a copy of the:

You can also see the current tenancy agreement on our tenancy agreement page.

We have a legal duty to consult with all our tenants on the proposed changes and to give you the opportunity to give us your comments.

The consultation on the new tenancy agreement ran until 5 February 2023. The consultation was  due to run to 8 January, but we  extended it for an extra 4 weeks because of Royal Mail industrial action, which may have caused delays in receiving the paperwork for some tenants.

Now the consultation has finished, we will consider all the comments we have received and may make changes to the agreement as a result of those comments.

We will then send you a formal notice of variation, including a copy of your new tenancy conditions. This notice will also confirm the date that the new tenancy agreement will come into effect.