Council apologises for Town Park Paddling Pool closure

Published date

The council recognises that residents are disappointed that the Town Park paddling pool remains closed. Repair work is continuing on site and the revised target opening date for the pool is Friday 13 August. This is not where the council wanted to be and all efforts are being made to make sure the paddling pool opens for part of the school holidays. The specialist works are dependent on the weather conditions.

The pool is closed because the concrete base in the smaller area of the pool is undergoing specialist repair work. Until the repairs are completed and the pool is safe to use it cannot reopen. The safety of families using our pools is always the council’s number one priority. Work on the pool was immediately undertaken when the fault was first identified, but a specialist contractor was then required to get the pool ready for reopening. The council is working closely with the specialist contractor – further progress will be made this week to meet 13 August deadline. The pool will remain fenced off to prevent the repair work from being disturbed.

It is no underestimation that the Town Park paddling pool is a popular attraction. The council shares residents’ frustration that this pool has not been able to be fully enjoyed so far this season, especially given the improvements which were made to the pool this year. A review of the works and the process undertaken to sign off the pool ready for the summer has been launched so this doesn’t happen again in the future. The priority is to get the pool back up and running as soon as possible. 

The town’s other paddling pools are open and while some have had to close temporarily due to broken glass or minor technical issues, the majority have been available to use when the weather has been dry. 

Councillor Joel Charles, Deputy Leader of Harlow Council, said:

“I want to apologise directly to the many families who feel they have missed out on being able to fully enjoy the Town Park paddling pool. A day out at the paddling pool is a special part of the summer routine for families during the school holidays. I always looked forward to a day out at the Town Park paddling pool when I was younger. The priority is to make sure the paddling pool reopens in a matter of weeks. A plan is already in place to complete the specialist repair work to the right standard to ensure the pool is safe for use. In the meantime, our town’s other paddling pools are open for everyone to enjoy.

“Families have shown a great deal of patience about the delay – it will be rewarded as the Town Park paddling pool will be up and running soon.”