Harlow Council leader confirms changes to cabinet

Published date

Councillor Russell Perrin, Leader of Harlow Council, has announced changes to his cabinet.

Following Councillor Perrin being re-elected as the Leader of the Council on Thursday 26 May 2022 he has today (30 May 2022) made the following Cabinet appointments:

Councillor Dan Swords becomes the new Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Regeneration with responsibility for the delivery of regeneration projects including the town centre, delivery of council housebuilding projects and planning and building control.

Councillor Simon Carter stays as Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Housing with responsibility for council housing management, housing repairs and maintenance, housing allocations, supported housing and tenant and leaseholder participation.

Councillor Nicky Purse stays as Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Environment with responsibility for environmental services including HTS street cleaning, HTS landscape maintenance and trees.

Councillor Joel Charles stays as Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Community and Business Resilience with responsibility for a range of community and leisure services, community engagement and the town’s economic recovery.

Councillor Alastair Gunn stays as Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Governance with responsibility for customer service, legal, Human Resources, ICT services and waste and recycling collections.

Councillor Michael Hardware stays as Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Strategic Growth with responsibility for strategic planning, the local plan and the delivery of the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town project.

Councillor James Leppard stays as Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Finance with responsibility for financial management including council tax, budgets, benefits, and internal audit.

Councillor Steve LeMay becomes the new Cabinet Portfolio Holder for HTS, Properties and Facilities – with special responsibility for the roads. This new portfolio has responsibility for the corporate development of the council’s local authority trading company HTS, properties and facilities management and roads and street furniture.

The first meeting of the new look Cabinet will take place on 16 June 2022.