Leaders urge Harlow to stay at home and away from others

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The leaders of both political parties at Harlow Council are urging Harlow residents to follow the prime minister's call for everyone to stay at home and away from others, if at all possible, during the current national coronavirus situation.

Medical science is telling us that the single most important action we can all take, in fighting coronavirus, is to stay at home in order to protect the NHS and save lives.

Councillor Mark Ingall, Leader of the Council and Andrew Johnson, Leader of the opposition, said:

“We urge every single person in Harlow to stay home and away from others if at all possible. We must all do more to help stop this virus from spreading to protect the NHS and save lives. Please listen and follow this advice, not just for yourself but for each and every one of your loved ones. We believe that Harlow’s community spirit can bring us through this, but only if we work together and follow the advice.

“The last few weeks have been challenging and the next few will be harder still. Now is the time to pull together for the common good.

“We both want to pay tribute to those on the frontline in Harlow who are responding directly day to day to the coronavirus crisis. Your actions for others should never be forgotten and each and every one of you are our town’s heroes and heroines.”

The government’s guidance on staying at home and away from others was published on 23 March 2020.