Regeneration partnership investment plan approved

Published date

A partnership between Harlow Council and The Hill Group has moved a major step closer to delivering town centre and major housing regeneration with the approval of its first Investment Plan. 

The Harlow Regeneration Partnership’s investment plan was approved at the Cabinet meeting on 7 September 2023. 

The new partnership, which was launched in June, will help deliver the council’s priorities: rebuild our town and secure investment into Harlow.

Harlow Council and The Hill Group are working together to deliver a programme of new homes as well as to support the ongoing regeneration of the town centre. The partnership will bring forward the development of council-owned, and other sites, for regeneration and development, and provide either capital or revenue financial returns against these investments. The partnership will bring real commercial expertise to ensure that developments can happen at pace and scale.

The first sites announced for redevelopment will be:

  • Former Lister House in Staple Tye 
  • Parnall Road in Staple Tye (site purchased by the council earlier this year) 
  • Former Occasio House site in Playhouse Square (currently being demolished by the council)

Further sites will be announced in the coming months with schemes as part of the transformation of Harlow town centre and as an expansion of the council housebuilding programme. 

When it was launched, the partnership was described as a game changing moment for the town’s regeneration.Councillor Michael Hardware, cabinet portfolio holder for economic development, said:

“Following the recent launch of the partnership we are moving quickly to get a professional structure in place so that we can get on with the job of delivering our priorities for the town. Delivering major regeneration in Harlow that this town needs is not something we can do on our own. By working with an experienced delivery partner and one of the leading developers in the country we can now deliver schemes at scale and at pace. 

“An approved investment plan is one of many ‘firsts’ for the partnership and we look forward to working with The Hill Group to rebuild our town and secure investment into Harlow.”