Where do you want to see new litter bins in Harlow?

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Harlow Council wants to hear from residents on where more litter bins can be installed around the town.

A consultation is being launched today (27 September 2021) to find out from residents which areas of Harlow would benefit most from new bins being installed. There are currently around 650 public litter bins in the town, which are emptied by HTS. In Harlow, all litter bins are dual use meaning dog waste can be put in any litter bin, not just dog waste bins. 

The results from the consultation will be used to ensure that the most popular areas suggested by residents are covered by the roll-out of the new bins. As part of the project HTS will provide extra resources to ensure that the new bins are emptied regularly.

Councillor Alastair Gunn, portfolio holder for environment, said:

“We know how much people value clean streets and green spaces, especially as the outdoors has provided much-needed relief during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We also know how much litter can damage the environment and spoil residents’ enjoyment of what our town has to offer. That’s why we want residents’ help in identifying the best places to put new bins, so that we can effectively target areas which may not be as well served as they could be. Although there is never an excuse to drop litter, we know more bins in the right places can help reduce the amount of litter which is dropped on our streets and in our parks.

“I hope more people enjoying Harlow for leisure and healthy exercise will be a legacy that we can take forward as we emerge from the pandemic, and that the new bins will help to make that a more pleasant experience.”

To take part in the consultation here and use the map to show where you want to see an extra bin. If you can’t get online, you can still participate by writing in to:

New litter and dog waste bins 
Harlow Council
Civic Centre
The Water Gardens, College Square
Essex CM20 1WG

The consultation closes on Sunday 17 October.