National lockdown rules apply in Harlow. You must not leave, or be outside of your home except where necessary. You can now access community testing in Harlow to find out if you might have the virus without symptoms.

Food bin

Green food waste caddy outdoor and indoorTo recycle food waste, you have a small kitchen caddy for use inside your home and a larger caddy that we empty for houses.

To keep your caddy clean we recommend that you use compostable liners, which are available from most supermarkets or wrap your food waste in newspaper.

We collect external food waste bins every week.

If you have excess food waste, you can put this in a cardboard box (securely) and place the box on top of your food caddy.  If you regularly have excess food waste, you can request an extra caddy

Yes please:

  • fish
  • meat and bones
  • bread and pastries
  • tea and coffee grounds
  • fruit and vegetables
  • dairy products
  • shellfish and egg shells

No thanks:

  • plastic bags (even if they are biodegradable)
  • glass
  • can and tins
  • oyster shells
  • pet food
  • liquids
  • garden waste

Once collected the food waste is taken to an anaerobic digestion plant where gas from the processed waste is used to make green energy which goes to the national grid to power homes. The process also makes a liquid fertiliser used on farmland to help grow more food.

If you are looking for an alternative way to dispose of your food waste, you may want to consider composting