HTS (Property and Environment) Limited

HTS (Property and Environment) Limited is a company set up by Harlow Council to provide environmental and property maintenance services.

HTS logoThese services include:

  • council housing repairs and maintenance (including garage repairs)
  • council building repairs and maintenance
  • street cleaning, dumped rubbish collection and graffiti removal
  • grass cutting and landscape maintenance
  • cleaning and caretaking of communal areas
  • pest control
  • stray dog collection
  • drainage, gully and highways repairs on council land

The company is headed up by Managing Director, John Phillips, and Non-Executive Chair of the Company Board, Michael Harrowven.

Three councillors – Bob Davis, Simon Carter and Chris Vince - serve on the company’s board.

The Shareholder Sub-committee approve key decisions made by HTS (Property and Environment) and hold the board to account.

You can find out more about HTS (Property and Environment) Limited on their website