Harlow Council's Careline (Telecare) service provides peace of mind for vulnerable people living in the Harlow area 24-hours a day, 365 days of the year.

When the Careline alarm system is activated an experienced operator from the call monitoring centre (available 24 hrs. a day 365 days a year ) will answer your call and request the appropriate assistance on your behalf, whether this is to call a member of your family, your GP, the emergency services or simply to offer advice. If you are in a Supported Housing Scheme this could also be the Supported Housing Officer.

Who is it for?

Anyone. It is for those who are vulnerable, living alone, disabled, elderly or at risk for any reason. For any age group, whether Council tenants or owner occupiers. It can also be used in shops, offices, and for people working alone.

How does it all work?

The Careline lifeline unit can be wall mounted or free standing and is linked to the alarm monitoring centre through the existing telephone line. A lightweight portable body worn pendant is also supplied, which should be worn when at home or in the garden, by pressing the pendant alarm button you will automatically instigate a call to the alarm monitoring centre. There is also a large red button on the Careline lifeline unit that you can also press to call for assistance.

The alarm monitoring centre will know who has activated their system, even if they are unable to respond to the experienced operator. The alarm monitoring centre will have details, provided by you, of your relatives, friends, doctors or neighbours who you will have told us can be contacted in an emergency. They will make sure that you receive the assistance you need in the fastest possible time.

Harlow Council's Careline have attained the Telecare Services Association accreditation for seven years running. This means that Harlow Careline is operating at a very high industry-recognised standard and will continue to improve its user-led services.

What if I press my alarm by accident?

Please do not worry, just tell the operator that you are ok and that it is a false alarm.

How much does it all cost?

There is a small weekly charge for the Careline service, more information will be given during your no obligation demonstration.

Older manSupported Housing Scheme tenants

All Supported Housing Schemes are fitted with pull cords in every room of the property and a smoke detector is also installed, which are linked to the alarm system. In addition, body worn pendants, can be also be issued to tenants who are unable to reach their pull cords or have been assessed as needing one as part of their support plan.

Important information

  • When Careline is installed, you will be asked for the name of your telephone service provider. You must inform us immediately if you change your telephone provider.
  • Check with your telephone provider that their network supports the use of social alarm systems, prior to having your alarm installed.
  • All calls, including emergency response, monthly tests, annual re-evaluation and equipment replacements,place a low rate telephone call to our call monitoring centre .
  • Do not unplug your Lifeline alarm. If you do unplug it accidentally or if there is a power cut, the alarm will flash or beep rapidly to let you know that it is not connected to mains power.
  • Do not leave other phones in your home off the hook, because if a phone is left off the hook your alarm system may not work
  • Ensure that Cordless Telephone Base units are placed a little distance from the Lifeline unit to prevent interference
  • Do not fit additional telephone extensions into the main socket because if the circuit is overloaded the alarm system may not work.


For Harlow Council tenants the charge for your Careline alarm service will be added to a second account which is linked to your rent account and you will receive a second card showing the additional account number.

For home owners or privately renting property you will be invoiced for the Careline alarm service. Invoices are raised in advance for the whole financial year (1 April to 31 March).

The easiest way to pay for your Careline service is by Direct Debit.

You can set up a Direct Debit by completing and returning our Careline Direct Debit form (pdf)

If you have more than one Direct Debit, these can be paid from different bank accounts.

For example, a tenant could have a Direct Debit to pay their rent from their bank account, whilst another family member could pay the tenant’s Careline Direct Debit from a different bank account. 

You can also pay:

More information and/or free demonstration

To request more information on the Careline service and/or a free demonstration please complete the Careline Enquiry online form or contact an Advisor at Contact Harlow