Voting in the general election

If you can't make polling day, you still have until 5pm on 26 June to apply for a proxy vote. If you will be voting in person, remember to bring your ID. No ID? Apply for a Voter Authority Certificate by 5pm on 26 June.


There are no laws against having a bonfire, but there are laws against the nuisance they can cause.  Smoke or the smell of smoke from bonfires can cause a statutory nuisance.

For more information on the rules around bonfires, look at GOV.UK

You can’t get rid of household waste in a way that will cause pollution or harm to people’s health.  This includes burning it.

There are better ways of dealing with waste that don’t affect air quality:

  • garden waste can be dealt with by composting, after a few months it will turn into an excellent fertiliser
  • we can also collect garden waste and bulky waste or you can take it to the dump

If you would still like to have a bonfire:

  • only burn dry material
  • warn your neighbours if you are going to have a bonfire - they are less likely to complain
  • never burn household rubbish, rubber, or anything containing plastic, foam or paint
  • never use old engine oil, methylated spirits or petrol to light the fire or encourage it
  • avoid lighting a fire in unsuitable weather conditions - smoke hangs in the air on damp, still days and in the evening - if it's windy, smoke may be blown into neighbours' gardens and across roads
  • do not leave a fire unattended, even when it’s just smouldering

Bonfires are not permitted on any allotments in Harlow.

Report nuisance bonfires

If you are significantly affected by bonfire smoke please contact us. 

You will need to provide details of:

  • the precise location
  • the person responsible (if known)
  • whether plastic or other synthetic materials are being burnt
  • the time and duration
  • whether it’s a one-off or regular event

Contact information

Environmental Health
Harlow Council
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