Tethered horses

Tethering horses is not illegal in the UK.

We receive a lot of calls from residents concerned about tethered horses. In the majority of the cases, because there is no sign of suffering, unfortunately we cannot do anything.

All horse owners have a legal responsibility to make sure their horse:

Welfare professionals can only intervene to help a tethered horse if the horse is actually suffering in some way.

The owner of a horse is very unlikely to be guilty of any offence if the horse is:

  • in good bodily condition
  • tethered so that the fittings are not causing pain or discomfort
  • offered drinking water regularly (or have access to water)
  • moved to fresh grazing regularly

If you are concerned about a horse, you can report this to Redwings through their website.

In an emergency you can also contact the RSPCA.