Fenner Brockway House

Fenner Brockway House is a two storey flat block situated in the Netteswell area of Harlow, consisting of 11 one bedroom flats and 1 three bedroom flat.


Communal facilities are for the enjoyment of all Fenner Brockway House Supported Housing Scheme tenants.

  • Communal lounge: Yes, easily accessible for wheelchair users.
  • Communal garden: Yes.
  • Communal laundry: Yes, coin operated.
  • Lift: Yes.
  • Car parking: No, parking on road at the front.
  • Door Entry System: Yes, key fob entry to flat block.
  • Cable TV: Yes.

Social activities and tenant involvement

Social activities take place in the communal lounge. Supported Housing Officers organise a regular social activity and encourage and support tenants to organise their own activities. Tenants can also get involved in sharing their issues and opinions on future management of the scheme and some schemes have Resident Associations. More information on tenant involvement


No smoking in all communal areas of the Supported Housing Schemes, although tenants may smoke in their property, if they wish.


Tenants must have the Council’s permission to keep any animal (except for guide/hearing dogs). Pets are not allowed into communal areas and dogs must be kept on a lead at all times when not within tenants property. Pets must not foul the communal areas or surrounding land and any animal waste must be cleaned up and properly disposed of.


Supported Housing Schemes have pull cords in every room of the property and a smoke detector installed, which are linked to the alarm system. In addition, Careline body worn pendants, can be provided to tenants who are unable to reach their pull cords or have been assessed as needing one as part of their support plan. More information on Careline

A master lock system is also fitted, which means that Supported Housing Officers can gain access to properties in an emergency. Supported Housing Officers do not enter properties unless they are asked or if they are concerned for the tenants wellbeing. More information on Supported Housing Officers

Fire safety plans for Supported Housing Schemes

Rent, Council Tax and Housing Related Support charge

In addition to rent, all tenants pay the Housing Related Support (HRS) charge and Council Tax. The rent, service charge and utility charges vary according to the location of the Supported Scheme and the cost of providing the service. The HRS charge remains constant across all supported housing schemes with the exception of Sumners Farm Close who have a 24 hour on site care team, currently funded by Social Services. The HRS charge contributes towards the cost of the support service provided by the Supported Housing Officers, pull cord alarm system and out of hours emergency response service. All tenants pay the HRS charge, however, tenants in receipt of housing benefit have until now had their charges paid by Essex County Council. From 1 April 2017 Essex County Council will no longer fund support services for older people living in supported housing, charges will introduced from this date and phased in over a period of three years.


  • Water: Tenant pays supplier direct
  • Electricity: Tenants electricity charge is paid either as a service charge to Harlow Council, alongside the rent or individually metered and paid directly to the tenants chosen supplier. The electricity charge is not eligible for Housing Benefit.
  • Heating and hot water: Supplied to properties as part of a communal heating system; however there are individual controls in each property for tenants to vary the temperature. Communal heating is paid for as a separate service charge, alongside rent.
  • Gas: If the property has a gas supply but not been used in the previous 12 months the tenant can ask for the gas meter to be removed to save service charges. Occasionally, the gas supply is disconnected outside the property. When a new tenant wants a gas supply and there is no meter in the property Transco first carry out a” live gas” test to ensure the supply is still connected to the property. If there is no supply to the property, the tenant will need to contact Transco to reconnect the gas supply. The tenant would then need to arrange with their chosen supplier to have a meter fitted. The tenant would need to pay any charges for reconnecting or installing a gas supply specifically for a cooker.


Fenner Brockway House Supported Housing Scheme
Off Maddox Road
CM20 3RL