Main Modifications to Local Plan consultation

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Harlow Council has launched a consultation on the Main Modifications to the Local Plan.

The Local Plan will set out the framework to guide and shape development in Harlow up to 2033, including how many new homes are needed, where development will take place and where it will be restricted.

In May 2018, the council published the Pre-Submission version of the plan - the final version of the plan before it is submitted to the Secretary of State to be examined - and ran a public consultation to get comments on its soundness.

Later that year, the plan was submitted to the Secretary of State who appointed an independent Inspector, Mr David Reed, to carry out a public examination of the plan, with hearings being held in March and April 2019.

Since December 2019, we have been working with the Inspector to prepare the Main Modifications to the plan. The Main Modifications are changes to the Pre-Submission version of the plan. They address any issues raised by the Inspector or contributors to the examination and make sure the plan is legally sound.

None of the modifications fundamentally change the strategy of the new Local Plan. The changes include:

  • the removal of seven small housing sites
  • increased protection for wildlife sites
  • new policies relating to health and wellbeing and development on Green Belt land
  • more details on sustainable construction, water management and affordable and adaptable housing
  • redesignating as Green Belt some Green Wedge land which had previously been Green Belt

Councillor Danny Purton, Portfolio Holder for Environment, said:

“I welcome the debate that the plan has created and I thank all those who have contributed, made comments and representations as the plan has developed. We are now at the final consultation stage where residents and business can have their say on the inspector’s modifications. I am hopeful that this year our plan will be adopted. This plan is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Harlow, a plan that can make our town’s potential a reality. If we want to continue improving our town, providing much-needed housing and employment and creating new opportunities for local people, future generations and businesses, then we need a Local Plan that supports Harlow’s development, aspirations and growth for the future as part of the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town.

"In the latest edition of the Harlow Times magazine residents can find out more on page 18 about what the local plan means for Harlow and why it is so important."

The consultation will run from Thursday 12 March to Monday 27 April 2020.

Once the consultation ends, the responses will be forwarded to the Inspector who will consider if any further changes are required and he will then issue his final report. If he is satisfied that the modifications will make the plan sound, the changes will be made and the plan can be formally adopted by the council. This is likely to happen in summer 2020

You can find out more information on the consultation and submit your comments on our Main Modifications page