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Jean McAlpine Park

Jean McAlpine Park, formerly Peldon Road Park, is one of Harlow’s best-kept secrets. Located along Elizabeth Way, the park provides a peaceful escape from the town centre.

The park is perfect for a quiet walk and is known for its beautiful view over Harlow – particularly at sunset.

jean mcalpine park flowers


Jean McAlpine Park

Jean McAlpine Park


The park gets its name from the long-serving councillor, Jean McAlpine.

A memorial stone has been placed at a high point within the park in memory of the founder of Brophy plc, Mick Brophy.  Brophy plc helped finance the transformation of the area, from a tip site for the spoil from the Harlow new town construction, into a modern park.

As part of the transformation, existing trees and hedgerows were retained, and new plants selected to compliment the biodiversity.

Native trees include hazel, beech, wild cherry, oak, silver birch, elder and hawthorn

In the spring and summer, you can enjoy the wonderful wildflowers such as meadow cranesbill, grass vetchling, cowslip, and tufted vetch. If you’re lucky, you might also spot the common spotted orchid or bee orchid.