Voting in the general election

If you can't make polling day, you still have until 5pm on 26 June to apply for a proxy vote. If you will be voting in person, remember to bring your ID. No ID? Apply for a Voter Authority Certificate by 5pm on 26 June.

Memorial benches and trees

If you would like to remember a loved one, you can apply for a memorial in Harlow Town Park.

There are three types of memorials allowed in the Town Park:

  • memorial benches
  • memorial plaques attached to existing benches
  • memorial trees


Before applying for a memorial you need to read through our Town Park memorial policy (pdf)

Once you have read through the policy and decided which memorial you would like, you need to complete a Harlow Town Park memorial application form (pdf)

Once we receive your application, we will get in touch with you to approve it and finalise any details. 

We normally install benches and plaques within 12 weeks of approving your application.

We normally only plant trees between November and March, to give them the best chance of survival. 


You should look at the memorial policy for full details of fees and what they include but below is a guide to what you can expect to pay: 

  • memorial bench (1800 Cavendish seat): £1,500 
  • individual bench memorial plaque (being the only plaque on the bench): £750
  • shared bench memorial plaque (on a bench with up to 3 other plaques): £250

The cost of a memorial tree will vary depending on the tree.

The charges include the engraving or inscription, installation and maintenance.