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Parndon Moat Marsh

Parndon Moat Marsh is a Scheduled Ancient Monument. The eastern side was once Burnt Mill sewage works, abandoned around 1950.

The ground is still rich in nutrients, encouraging nettles to grow. The site contains an original moat, drainage ditches, sedge beds and ponds.

The banks up to the roadside are drier, encouraging meadow wildflowers, whilst a small woodland area lines the riverbank.

The marsh is good for wetland birds such as the water rail, heron, moorhen and kingfisher.

During summer, whitethroat and sedge warbler are found amongst the scrub, and in the winter siskin feed on the alder trees.

Many species of insect, spider and dragonfly thrive in this unspoilt habitat. Rare species such as the desmoulin’s whorl snail and black poplar are being protected and encouraged in this site.

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Parndon Moat marsh

Parndon Moat marsh