Report a dangerous building

Buildings and structures can become dangerous following a fire, an explosion, the impact of a vehicle or due to storm damage or high winds.

During office hours

Call Building Control services on 01279 446827 or 01279 446859.

Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 5.00pm.

Out of office hours

Call HTS (Property & Environment) Ltd on 01279 446666.

If there’s immediate danger

Once we receive a report, our Building Control officers will inspect the building to assess the danger. We aim to respond within 1 hour.

We’ll try and contact the owner for them to remove the danger.

If the owner is not present, we can take action under emergency powers to make the situation safe. We can then recover our costs.

If there’s no immediate danger

We will contact the owner and give them a certain period of time to make the building safe.

If they don’t make the building safe within the time period we set, we can get a court order that requires the owner to carry out the work.

If the owner doesn’t comply with the court order, we can carry out the works ourselves. We can then recover our costs.