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Adopted Replacement Local Plan

The Adopted Replacement Local Plan is the former Local Plan for Harlow. It was adopted in July 2006 and has been superseded by the Local Plan, which was adopted in December 2020.

The policies in the Adopted Replacement Local Plan were due to expire on 13 July 2009 - 3 years after the date of adoption of the Local Plan.

To retain policies beyond this date, we sought the Secretary of State's agreement to issue a direction to 'save' them and submitted a list recommending those policies it wished to save to the government office for the East of England.

The Secretary of State's Direction dated 12 May 2009 agreed that all the policies recommended by the council be saved and added one because there were elements of the policy which had not yet been implemented. Those Local Plan policies not included within the schedule of saved policies expired on 12 July 2009. All the policies have now been superseded by the Local Plan.

The Adopted Replacement Local Plan included lists of the saved and expired policies, and the policies which have expired were annotated so it was clear which ones had expired. The document also included the adopted Essex Parking Standards, which were updated in 2009, as an appendix.

For reference purposes only, the superseded Adopted Replacement Local Plan and associated documents are provided below.

Archived draft documents

Evidence base

Listed below are the technical documents that were prepared to support the development of the Replacement Local Plan.

  • Replacement Local Plan - Adopted July 2006 - Written Statement and Proposals Map
  • Report of a Public Enquiry into Objections to the First and Second Deposit Drafts of the Replacement Harlow Local Plan (2005)
    • Annex A - Proposed Modifications
    • Annex B - List of Recommendations by the Inspector (which the council does not intend to accept)
  • Inspectors Report - Report of a Public Enquiry into Objections to the First and Second Deposit Drafts of the Replacement Local Plan
  • Replacement Local Plan - Second Deposit Draft Jan 2004 - Written Statement and Proposals Map
  • Replacement Local Plan - First Deposit Draft Nov 2002 - Written Statement and Proposals Map
  • Replacement Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal (2002)
  • Employment Land Availability Study (2003)
  • Harlow Area Transportation Strategy (2000)
  • Town Centre Strategy (1999)
  • Housing Needs Survey Executive Summary (2000)
  • Publicity Statement for Second Deposit (2004)
  • Publicity Statement for First Deposit (2002)
  • Residential Land Availability Study (2003)
  • Retail Frontages 2003 (and Update 2009)
  • Green Wedges Topic Paper (April 2004)
  • Playing Fields Assessment 2001 - 2011 (April 2002)
  • Local Wildlife Sites (2002)
  • Sustainability Appraisal Second Deposit (2004)
  • Sustainability Appraisal First Deposit (2002)
  • Second Issues Report - Responses to Consultation (2001)
  • Second Issues Report - Strategy and Key Locations for Development