We own and maintain 41 unsupervised play areas around Harlow. The adventure playground is in Harlow Town Park.

The safety and cleanliness of the play areas are checked at least once a week.

The working and safety of the equipment are checked once a month by us, and once a year by an independent inspection.

If there is broken play equipment at your local play area, you can report this online.

Report Broken Play Equipment 

You can also report other issues that may affect your local playground, such as dog fouling, graffiti, dumped rubbish and broken glass, online.

Playground areas

There are free multi-use games areas at Blackbush Springs, Bush Fair,  Foldcroft, The Dashes,  Northbrooks and Staple Tye.

  1. Barnmead
  2. Bishopsfield
  3. Bush Fair
  4. Cannons Brook
  5. Church Langley Park
  6. Copse Hill
  7. Dashes
  8. Felmongers
  9. Foldcroft
  10. Glebelands
  11. Guilford North
  12. Harlow Common
  13. Hester House
  14. Joyners Field
  15. Kiln Lane
  16. Ladyshot
  17. Latton Bush
  18. Long Ley
  19. Lower Meadow
  20. Mark Hall Park
  21. Mill Lnae
  22. Nichols Field
  23. Norman Booth
  24. Northbrooks
  25. Old Hall Rise
  26. Prentice Place
  27. Primrose Field
  28. Rectory Field
  29. Rivermill
  30. Rundells
  31. Staple Tye
  32. Stile Croft
  33. Sumners Park
  34. Sumners Pool Park
  35. Swallows
  36. The Stow
  37. Tithelands
  38. Town Park -adventure
  39. Westfield
  40. Willowfield
  41. Wissants