Report suspected food poisoning

We investigate complaints of food that may have caused food poisoning.

We cannot investigate complaints about poor service or claims for refunds.

If you are concerned about food you’ve eaten and think you might have food poisoning, it’s important you go to your GP as soon as possible to submit a faecal specimen.

Your GP will notify us if it is a confirmed case of food poisoning.

If you have food poisoning, stay off work until the symptoms have stopped for 2 days. This is when you're most infectious.

For more medical advice on what to do if you think you have food poisoning, look at NHS.UK

We will investigate cases of food poisoning to try to find out where you contracted the infection and prevent any further spread of the infection

As part of our investigation, we will contact you and may send you a questionnaire, to ask about:

  • foods you have eaten
  • your activity before you became ill
  • your job

This will help us determine whether you are likely to pass the infection on to others at work.

If we think the food poisoning may have come from a food business in Harlow then we will carry out further investigations.

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