Order a new bin

You can order new or replacement bins if:

  • you are a new resident and do not have any bins 
  • your bins have been stolen or damaged beyond use
  • you need more capacity (we may provide you with bags rather than an extra bin)

If you are moving to a newly built property, contact the site or head office of your developer, as they will arrange the delivery of the bins to your property.

You can order a new:

  • recycling bin or box
  • non-recycling bin or purple bags
  • outdoor kitchen caddy

You will only be able to order the types of bins that we have allocated to your property.  

If you need more capacity, you will need to give us a reason.

If you need an extra non-recycling bin because of nappy waste, you can apply for a nappy waste collection.

Review extra capacity

If you already have extra bins for extra capacity, we may ask you to complete a review to check that you still need this.

If we have asked you to complete a review, you can complete this online.