May elections

You must register to vote in the upcoming May elections before Wednesday 17 April. If you cannot attend the elections, you can apply for a postal vote before 5pm on Wednesday 17 April. Find all the key dates on our election news page.


Move to Work scheme

The Move to Work scheme helps social housing tenants move closer to their workplace

It means you can join the Housing Needs Register without proving a local connection.

You will be eligible for the scheme if you need to:

  • move closer to your place of work outside of Harlow
  • move to a different part of Harlow because transport links make it difficult for you to get to work
  • move to a different part of Harlow because you cannot travel to work, due to exceptional circumstances
  • move because you’ve had a new offer of work somewhere else that is difficult for you to travel to

If you are eligible for the scheme, we will:

  • give advice on your options for moving
  • help you complete the paperwork to register for a move

If you'd like to apply for the scheme, contact our Housing Options team.

Contact information

Housing Options and Advice
Harlow Council
Civic Centre
The Water Gardens
College Square
Harlow CM20 1WG