Apply for council housing

To apply for social housing you need to join the Housing Needs Register.

The Housing Needs Register is a list of all people who qualify for social housing and need help finding somewhere to live.


You can join the Housing Needs Register if you have a:

  • local connection to Harlow
  • housing need

You cannot join the Housing Needs Register if you:

  • do not have a local connection
  • have a current antisocial behaviour order
  • have lost your previous home due to antisocial behaviour
  • have an outstanding injunction
  • have a recent conviction related to domestic abuse
  • have had a home closed by the police due to involvement with drugs
  • have housing-related debt totalling £1,000 or more (not including mortgage arrears)
  • have more than £50,000 from savings, equity or income

Apply for housing

 To join the Housing Needs Register you will need to complete a housing application.

To complete the application form, you will need to create an account or log in using your details if you already have one. This is so that you can save the form and return to it.

If you think you might lose your home in the next 56 days (8 weeks), do not apply for housing, instead you need to fill out our online homelessness assessment form