Apply for a garage

Anyone can apply for a garage - but if you are a council tenant or leaseholder, you must have cleared any arrears before making an application, otherwise we will not accept it.

You can apply for a garage through our MyHome platform. You will need to create a MyHome account to make an application - you only need an email address for this.

To apply for a garage you will need:

  • your contact details
  • the name of the street you want to apply for a garage on
  • the garage block or number (if you have a preference)

Once you have submitted your application, we will contact you, either through the MyHome platform or by email, to let you know if it has been accepted. We will then place you on the waiting list for the area you requested.

If we offer you a garage, you will need to pay the garage rent which can range between £10.67 and £13.06 each week. Hardstanding rent can range between £2.46 and £3.03 each week. You can find more information on how to pay garage rent