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Harlow's Council Tax set for 2024 to 2025

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The total amount Harlow residents will pay in Council Tax from 1 April 2024 has been set and this year’s bill will include a freeze in Harlow Council’s share for the third year running.

Essex County Council will increase its share by 4.99%, which includes 2% for Adult Social Care, the Essex Police & Crime Commissioner will increase Essex Police’s share by 5.55% and Essex Fire Service by 2.91%. Harlow Council’s share will not increase.

The increases from the county council, police and fire mean the overall bill will increase by 4.27% which is an extra £87.66 a year for a band D home in Harlow.

Although Harlow Council collects Council Tax it only keeps £13.50 out of every £100 collected, £71 goes to Essex County Council, £11.50 to Essex Police and £4 to Essex Fire & Rescue Service.

Residents will receive their new bills in March. Harlow’s Council Tax bill from 1 April 2024 will be made up as follows:

Harlow's Council Tax for 2024 to 2025
Band Essex County Council Harlow Council Essex Police Essex Fire and Rescue Service Council Tax total
A £1,015.02 £192.60 £164.28 £55.08 £1,426.98
B £1,184.19 £224.70 £191.66 £64.26 £1,664.81
C £1,353.36 £256.80 £219.04 £73.44 £1,902.64
D £1,522.53 £288.90 £246.02 £82.62 £2,140.47
E £1,860.87 £353.10 £301.18 £100.98 £2,616.13
F £2,199.21 £417.30 £355.94 £119.34 £3,091.79
G £2,537.55 £481.50 £410.70 £137.70 £3,567.45
H £3,045.06 £577.80 £492.84 £165.24 £4,280.94

Help and support with your Council Tax

Residents can pay their bill over 12 months between April and March rather than over 10 months. Please contact us at before 1 May 2024.

Residents who are struggling to pay their Council Tax or rent should visit the benefits page.

Residents can also manage their Council Tax online and sign up to get their bill online. 

For information contact us or visit the Council Tax page

Some 6,000 households on low incomes will continue to receive support with their Council Tax. The Local Council Tax Support scheme funds up 76% of the overall Council Tax bill for those of working age and up to 100% for those of pensionable age eligible for support. For more information and to apply for visit the Council Tax Support page.