Listed buildings


Harlow has 168 statutory listed buildings and 26 locally listed buildings.

Listed buildings

A building is listed when it’s of special architectural or historic interest and thought to be of national importance and worth protecting.

Buildings get listed by the Secretary of State for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport after recommendation by Historic England.  We don’t have the power to add or remove buildings from the list.

You can search all listed buildings on Historic England.

If you want to carry out any work on a listed building, you will need to apply for specific planning permission, called listed building consent.

Harlow’s statutory listed buildings schedule (pdf)

Planning permission for listed buildings

In addition to planning permission, you’ll need to apply for listed building consent if your house is a listed building and you want to:

  • demolish it
  • alter or extend it in a way that would affect its character

You may also need listed building consent for any works to separate buildings within the grounds of a listed building.

If you are unsure about the permission you need for the work you want to carry out, you can contact us.

You will definitely need listed building consent if you want to:

  • add an extension
  • remove historic doors, fireplaces, plasterwork or panelling
  • replace external doors or windows
  • paint the outside of the property
  • demolish all or part of property, including anything in the grounds
  • carry out repairs that would involve changing the fabric of the building or using different materials   

Apply for listed building consent

You can apply for listed building consent on the Planning Portal website.