Harlow Local Development Plan documents

The Harlow Local Development Plan will shape growth and development in Harlow until 2033. It allocates land for housing, jobs and infrastructure as well as providing protection for our natural environment. It also contains policies and proposals that we will use when we consider planning applications that are submitted to the council.

The plan was adopted at Full Council on 10 December 2020 and now carries full weight in the consideration and determination of planning applications.


Main documents

Adoption statements

Paper copies of these documents will be made available to view soon after adoption at the following public locations in Harlow:

  • Harlow Council Civic Centre reception
  • Harlow Central Library
  • Old Harlow Library
  • Great Parndon Library
  • Tye Green Library
  • Mark Hall Library
  • Latton Bush Centre

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some of these locations may have reduced opening hours or be temporarily closed for visitors. We advise you to contact a location before visiting. For the Harlow Council Civic Centre and Latton Bush Centre, the contact phone number is 01279 446655. For the libraries, the contact phone number is 0345 603 7628.

Paper copies will be available to purchase from the council on request.

More information

The council has also a number of adopted supplementary planning documents, which support the policies in the Harlow Local Development Plan.

The evidence base page contains the evidence documents which supported the preparation of the plan.

More information on the examination of the plan can be found on the examination page.