National lockdown rules apply in Harlow. You must not leave, or be outside of your home except where necessary. You can now access community testing in Harlow to find out if you might have the virus without symptoms.

Green waste


What goes in your green waste bin or bag

Yes please:

  • grass cuttings
  • hedge cuttings, prunings, leaves, bark
  • flowers, weeds
  • branches (not over 1m long or 15cm diameter, so that they fit in the bin or bag and are not too heavy to lift)

No thanks:

  • bags inside the green waste premium service brown wheelie bins
  • large branches or tree stumps (larger than 1m long or 15cm diameter)
  • whole, real Christmas trees (leave next to your bin or bags)
  • Japanese knotweed
  • wind-fall fruits (these need to go in your food waste)
  • turf, earth, soil, stones and gravel
  • treated or painted wood and fencing
  • building materials
  • food or kitchen waste, including peelings
  • animal faeces and cat litter
  • textiles
  • nappies (we have a separate nappy collection)
  • plastic trays, plant pots and wrappings
  • cardboard (needs to go in your recycling bin)
  • hazardous waste

The bin lid should be completely closed.

If you have compostable bags, these need to be tied. If you have made a bagged collection booking, we will only take the number of bags on the booking. If you are on the premium service, we will only take 4 compostable bags per collection. If you put out more than 4 compostable bags these will not be collected and you will run out of bags.  You will then need to purchase more bags.

The person collecting the waste must be able to lift bags into the back of the vehicle, so please do not overfill them.

If the green waste is wet, please put less into each bag to reduce the weight.