Green waste


Green waste

We offer 2 green (garden) waste collection services:

  • Green waste subscription (fortnightly collection)
  • Green waste bagged collection

Green waste subscription (fortnightly collection)

You will be able to sign up or renew your green waste subscription from 26 February 2024.

If you sign up to the green waste subscription service, in the majority of cases, we provide a wheelie bin for your garden waste.

Subscribers who have a wheelie bin will receive a permit sticker to confirm their subscription to the service.  

You should receive your permit sticker before the first collection of your new subscription.  If you haven’t received your permit sticker 10 days before your first collection, please contact us as soon as possible.

Once you have received the permit sticker, follow the instructions on the reverse of the sticker on how and where to place the sticker on your bin.

The collection crew will not empty any bin that does not display a valid subscription sticker.  Your sticker needs to be clearly visible to ensure that the collection crew can see it and empty your bin.

If your property is not on the wheelie bin service for non-recycling and recycling, we will provide you with compostable bags instead. You can use 4 bags per service, which is equal to the size of a bin.

If we provide bags for your property, we can only accept the compostable bags provided by the council.

Customers with bags do not need to display a sticker.

Before use

Compostable bags are best kept in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight and safely away from young children and pets.

The bags will last up to 12 months if stored with care, but will naturally weaken with age, so don’t keep more than you need. The supplier prints the date of manufacture on the side of the bags so that you can check.

Do not store bags under a sink or in a garden shed, as they may get damp or mouldy.

In use

You should aim to fill your bags close to the date your collection is due to take place. They will last outside for a short period of time, but try not to store filled bags outside for too long before your collection is due.

The service costs £54 per year, from 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025. Any new customers will need to pay £36 to cover the cost or the bin or bags we supply. Existing customers will only pay the subscription fee.

If you sign up after April 2024, the cost for the year will be:

Green waste sign up cost
Month Subscription cost Cost for bin or bags (new customers only) Total
May £49.50 £36 £85.50
June £45 £36 £81
July £40.50 £36 £76.50
August £36 £36 £72
September £31.50 £36 £67.50
October £27 £36 £63
November £22.50 £36 £58.50
December £18 £36 £54
January £13.50 £36 £49.50
February £9 £36 £45
March £4.50 £36 £40.50

If you cancel at any point in the year and want to reactivate your subscription, there is a £10 rejoining fee.

The service runs year-round, except during the Christmas and New Year fortnight.

You can check your green waste service collection dates online.

You can use the service for your (real) Christmas tree, which you need to put next to your brown bin or bags in January.

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Warning text

If you want to cancel your service please read the refund policy

Green waste bagged collection

We will no longer collect your own bags or pre-paid brown bags on the green waste bagged collection. We only collect compostable bags.

A roll of 20 compostable bags cost £22.

You can purchase the bags by calling 01279 446655 and then collect in person at the Civic Centre.

Once you have bought the bags, you will need to book a collection date.