Dog fouling

Dog fouling is where a person in charge of a dog allows it to foul and fails to clean it up. This runs the risk of spreading Toxocariasis, which can lead to eye damage and blindness. To prevent this, dog owners should always clean up after their dog. Not clearing up after your dog has fouled is an environmental crime and you could be given a Fixed Penalty Notice.

Harlow Council and Essex Police are targeting the minority of individuals who persist in not clearing up after their dog when it has fouled in a public place. It is an offence for a person in charge of a dog not to clean up after the dog has fouled, so always ensure that you have means to clean up after your dog when you take it for a walk.

How can I dispose of dog waste?

All street litter and dog waste bins are now dual use bins because dog waste is no longer classified as hazardous waste. You can put dog waste into any of the Council bins. Please ensure you put the bagged dog waste in the bin and not on the lid. If there is no suitable bin available, owners must take their dogs' mess home with them.

How can I report dog fouling?


Alternatively you can report it to Contact Harlow.

Do you clear dog waste that has been left?

If the dog waste is on a hard surface, then yes street cleaning will clear it and it will be cleared within one working day of receiving a report.