Waste Collections

All food waste collections are currently suspended. Garden Waste collections are currently behind schedule. You can find the latest on all waste collections on our news page.


Air quality

We are responsible for monitoring and managing air quality in Harlow.

We regularly test the levels of pollution in the air, and use our findings to produce Annual Status Reports. We submit these to DEFRA for their approval.

If air pollution levels exceed the levels set by government, we have to create an Air Quality Management Area and develop an Air Quality Action Plan.

There are currently no Air Quality Management Areas in Harlow.


Under the Clean Air Act of 1993, all of Harlow is covered by a smoke control order.

This means that you cannot emit smoke from a chimney unless you’re burning an authorised fuel or using an exempt appliance.

You can look at GOV.UK for more information on smoke control areas

Contact information

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