Estate inspections

Housing Officers inspect council housing estates every year to look at what improvements are needed.

The inspections are carried out with council tenants, leaseholders, residents and councillors.

Any improvements that we identify are put into action plans. Our Housing Officers work with a tenant representative for their area to meet the objectives of the action plan.

If you want to join your estate inspection please contact the relevant officer below or simply meet at the time and location listed below.

Officer contact details

Bush Fair

Estate Date Time and meeting point Officer
Brays Mead 30/04/2019 10.20am entrance to Tilegate House Deborah Stafford
Bentons 02/05/2019 10am outside Bentons
Bush House 10/05/2019 10am, entrance to North House
Church Leys 14/05/2019 10am, outside 259 Church Leys
Corner House 10/05/2019 10am, entrance to North House
Fountains Farm 21/05/2019 10am, entrance to Fountains Farm
Great Brays 29/05/2019 10am, outside 28 Great Brays
Hookfield 02/05/2019 10am, outside Bentons
Little Brays 04/06/2019 10am, outside 276 Little Brays
Little Pynchons 11/06/2019 10am, outside 11 Little Pynchons
Longfield 18/06/2019 10am, outside 5 Longfield
Long House 10/05/2019 10am, entrance to North House
Manor Hatch Close 25/06/2019 10am, outside Manor Hatch Close
Netteswellbury Farm 07/05/2019 10am, entrance to Netteswellbury Farm Close
Nicholls Field 02/07/2019 10am, entrance to Nicholls Tower
North Grove


10am, outside 12 North Grove
North House 10/05/2019 10am, entrance to North House
Pear Tree Mead 11/06/2019 10.30am, outside 1 Pear Tree Mead
Primrose Field 21/05/2019 10.30am, entrance to Fountains Farm
Purford Green 25/06/2019 10.30am, outside Manor Hatch shops
Rushes Mead 02/05/2019 10.45am, outside 1 Rushes Mead
Sadlers Mead 09/07/2019 10.45am, outside 1 Sadlers Mead
Sherwood House 10/05/2019 11am, entrance to Sherwood House
Spencers Croft 16/07/2019 10am, outside 1 Spencers Croft
Stile Croft 18/06/2019 10.30am, outside block 3-8
The Fortunes 30/04/2019 10.50am, entrance to Tilegate House
Tilbury Mead 16/07/2019 10.30am, outside 114 Tilbury Mead
Tilegate House 30/04/2019 10am, entrance to Tilegate House
Waterhouse Moor 07/05/2019 10.30am, outside 181 Water House Moor

Great Parndon

Estate Date Time and meeting point Officer
Church End 14/05/2019 9.30am, outside 206 Church End Nathan Kitteridge
Cock Green 16/05/2019 10.45am, outside 29 Cock Green
Fir Park 16/05/2019 9.45am, outside 1 Fir Park
Greygoose Park 16/05/2019 9.45am, outside 1 Fir Park
Heighams 07/05/2019 9.00am, outside 1 Heighams
Hollyfield 21/05/2019 10.45am, outside 187 Hollyfield
Jerounds 21/05/2019 10.00am, entrance to Tylney Croft
Katherines House 07/05/2019 11.30am, entrance to Katherines House
Kingsmoor Road 16/05/2019 10.30am, Kingsmoor Road/Pyenest Road junction
Linford Close 09/05/2019 10.00am, entrance to Linford Close
Linford End 09/05/2019 9.45am, entrance to Linford Close
Mercers 14/05/2019 10.15am, entrance to Mercers
Pollard Hatch 16/05/2019 9.10am, entrance to Pollards Hatch
Pyenest Road 16/05/2019 10.30am, Kingsmoor Road/Pyenest Road junction
Red Willow 07/05/2019 9.30am, outside 1 Red Willow
Seymours 14/05/2019 10.45am, Seymours entrance, opposite Tithelands
Shawbridge 21/05/2019 9.30am, outside 1 Shawbridge
Sherards House 16/05/2019 11.00am, Sherards House
Sherards Orchard 21/05/2019 10.30am, Sherards Orchard
The Friars 16/05/2019 9.25am, entrance to The Friars
Tithelands 07/05/2019 10.30am, entrance to Tithelands
Tylney Croft 21/05/2019 9.15am, entrance to Tylney Croft
Woodbine Close 09/05/2019 9.20am, entrance to Woodbine Close
Woodwards 09/05/2019 10.20am, entrance to Woodwards

Harlow Common

Estate Date Time and meeting point Officer
Carters Mead 05/06/2019 9.15am, outside 17 Carters Mead Emmanuel Nortey
Chapel Field 08/05/2019

9.15am, at Baptist Church

Fullers Mead 22/05/2019 9:15am, Fullers Mead/ Red Lion Lane
Hillside 15/05/2019 10.45am, Hillside/Red Lion Crescent
Kingsdon Hall Lane 19/06/2019 9.45am, at Kingsdon Hall Lane
Larkswood 08/05/2019 10.30am, entrance to Larkswood
Latton House 17/04/2019 9.15am, entrance to Latton House
Mandeville Close 08/05/2019 10am, Mandeville Close
Perry Spring 13/06/2019 9.15am, Perry Spring/Red Lion Lane
Potters Field 26/06/2019 9.15am, Potters Field/Red Lion Lane
Potter Street 19/06/2019 10am, Potter Street/Kingsdon Hall Lane
Pytt Field 19/06/2019 9.15am, block 18-27 Pytt Field
Radburn Close 01/05/2019 9.15am, 1-11 Radburn Close
Red Lion Crescent 15/05/2019 10.20am, outside 44 Red Lion Crescent
Red Lion Lane 15/05/2019 10am, Potter Street/Red Lion Lane
Rundells 01/05/2019 10.30am, outside 82 Rundells
Spinning Wheel Mead 24/04/2019 9.15am, outside 32 Spinning Wheel Mead
The Sweynes 15/05/2019 10.30am, outside 44 Red Lion Crescent
Upper Mealines 17/04/2019 9.45am, Latton House
Wharley Hook 24/04/2019 10.30am, outside 160 Wharley Hook

Little Parndon and Hare Street

Estate Date Time and meeting point Officer
Ash Tree Field 03/04/2019 10.00am, entrance to Ash Tree Field Owen Smith
Blackmores 22/05/2019 10.00am, outside 1 Hare Street Springs
Canons Brook 28/08/2019 10.45am, outside 1 Canons Brook
Canons Gate 08/05/2019 11.00am, outside 1 Canons Gate
Collins Meadow 28/08/2019 10.00am, outside 4 Collins Meadow
Conyers 14/08/2019 10.00am, entrance to Conyers
East End Cottages 28/08/2019 11.15am, outside 3 East End Cottages
Foldcroft 07/08/2019 10.00am, entrance to Stantons
Hare Street 22/05/2019 10.00am, outside 1 Hare Street Springs
Hare Street Springs 22/05/2019 10.00am, outside 1 Hare Street Springs
Herons Wood 21/08/2019 10.45am, outside 1 Herons Wood
Hester House 10/09/2019 10.45am, entrance to 1-6b Hester House
Hester Mews 10/09/2019 10.45am, entrance to 1-6b Hester House
Little Grove Field 05/07/2019 10.00am, outside 1-16 Little Grove Field
Morley Grove 09/04/2019 10.00am, outside 1 Morley Grove
Park Mead 20/06/2019 11.00am, outside 13 Park Mead
Ram Gorse 03/04/2019 10.30am, outside 145 Ram Gorse
Rectory Wood 10/09/2019 10.00am, outside block 4-8 Rectory Wood
Rivermill 14/08/2019 10.00am, entrance to Conyers
Ryecroft 12/06/2019 10.00am, outside 19 Ryecroft
Spring Hills 25/04/2019 10.00am, outside 1 Spring Hills
Stantons 07/08/2019 10.00am, entrance to Stantons
The Hornbeams 08/05/2019 10.00am, outside 1 The Hornbeams
Upper Stoneyfield 20/06/2019 10.00am, outside 1 Upper Stoney Field
Wedhey 03/09/2019 10.00am, outside block 33-56 Wedhey
Wintons 14/08/2019 10.00am, entrance to Conyers
Wooding Grove 20/06/2019 10.30am, outside 1 Wooding Grove

Mark Hall

Estate Date Time and meeting point Officer
Arderne Bungalows 25/04/2019 10.20am, outside 1 Arderne Bungalows Sarah Fletcher
Blackbush Spring 03/07/2019 10.30am, outside 148 Blackbush Spring
Broomfield 10/04/2019 9.30am, outside 1 Broomfield
Churchfield 15/05/2019 9.45am, outside 57 Churchfield
Cooks Spinney 15/05/2019 10.45am, outside 33 Cooks Spinney
Dovehouse Croft 25/04/2019 10.00am, outside 1 Arderne Bungalows
Felmongers 23/05/2019 9.30am, outside 1 Felmongers
Fesants Croft 10/04/2019 10.30am, outside 78 Fesants Croft
Foster Court 15/05/2019 9.30am, outside 1 Foster Court
Glebelands 30/05/2019 9.30am, outside 1 Glebelands
Great Plumtree 25/04/2019 9.30am, outside 1 Great Plumtree
Harefield 18/06/2019 9.30am, outside 41 Harefield
Ladyshot 12/06/2019

10.00am, outside 1 Ladyshot

Latton Hall Close 12/06/2019 9.30am, entrance to Latton Hall Close
Mark Hall Moors 16/04/2019 9.30am, outside 75 Mark Hall Moors
Orchard Croft 18/07/2019 9.30am, outside 85 Orchard Croft
Quarry Spring 25/06/2019 10.00am, outside 1 Quarry Spring
Sewell Harris Close 11/07/2019 9.30am, entrance Sewell Harris Close
Stackfield 16/04/2019 10.15am, outside 1 Stackfield
Tanys Dell 04/06/2019 9.30am, outside 1 Tanys Dell
The Chantry 25/04/2019 10.20am, outside 7 The Chantry
The Gowers 16/04/2019 10.45am, outside 1 The Gowers
The Lawn 10/04/2019 10.00am, entrance to tower
The Stow 11/07/2019 10.15am, car park, opposite Orchard Croft
Tunnmeade 25/06/2019 9.30am, outside 4 Tunnmeade
Vicarage Wood 03/07/2019 9.30am, outside 80 Vicarage Wood
Woodleys 03/07/2019 10.00am, entrance to Woodleys


Estate Date Time and meeting point Officer
Altham Grove 25/07/2019 9.15am by block 1-15

Sally Thorne

Arkwrights 04/07/2019 11.45am, by block 240-245
Addingtons / Halling Hill & Mallories 25/07/2019 9.45am, by 1 Addingtons
Broadfield 19/07/2019 9.15am, by block 14-19
Common Fields & The Glebe 12/07/2019 9.45am, outside 1 Old House Croft
Desormeaux Bungalows 12/07/2019 9.15am, outside bungalows
Fenner Brockway House 04/07/2019 9.45am, by main entrance
Freshwaters 12/07/2019 10.00am, outside 1 Freshwaters
Greenhills 19/07/2019 10.00am, outside 1 Greenhills
Long Ley 04/07/2019 9.15am, outside Pypers Hatch
Park Lane 01/08/2019 9.15am No 13 only property
Parsonage Leys 04/07/2019 10.30am, by block 185-200
Pittmans Field 25/07/2019 10.30am meet by 191 Pittmans Field
St Michaels Close 12/07/2019 10.30am, at main entrance
The Dashes 01/08/2019 10.30am, outside 32 The Dashes
The Downs 04/07/2019 10.00am, by 3 The Downs
The Hides 01/08/2019 9.30am by block 179-184
Whitewaits 04/07/2019 11.15m, by block 114-118

Old Harlow

Estate Date Time and meeting point Officer
Black Lion Court 06/06/2019 10.00am, entrance to Black Lion Court Owen Smith
Broadway Avenue 06/06/2019 10.45am, entrance to Broadway Avenue
Burnside Terrace 13/06/2019 10.00am outside 1 Burnside Terrace
Bury Road 20/06/2019 11.00am, outside 1 Bury Road
Chippingfield 27/06/2019 10.00am, entrance to Chippingfield
Dellfield Court 06/06/2019 10.30am, entrance Dellfield Court
East Park 27/06/2019 11.00am, entrance to East Park
Feryngs Close 04/07/2019 10.00am, entrance to Feryngs Close
Gilden Close 13/06/2019 10.30am, outside 1 Gilden Close
Guilfords 11/07/2019 10.00am, outside 162-165 Guilfords
High House Estate 13/06/2019 11.10am, outside 1 High House Estate
High Street 06/06/2019 11.40am, outside dentist surgery
Jocelyns 11/07/2019 10.45am, outside 10 Jocelyns
London Road 04/07/2019 10.40am, London Road car park
Manor Road 19/07/2019 10.00am, outside 1 Manor Road
Market Street 06/06/2019 10.20am, entrance to Market Street
Marriotts 20/06/2019 10.45pm, front of block
Mill Field 19/07/2019 10.15am, outside 1 Manor Road
Mill House 04/07/2019 11.00am, main entrance to Mill House
Mulberry Green 20/06/2019 11.15am, outside Green Man pub
Old Road 13/06/2019 11.30am, outside 69 Old Road
Riley Mews 19/07/2019 11.15am, entrance to Riley Mews
Roman Vale 20/06/2019 10.00am, entrance to Roman Vale
Rosemary Close 06/06/2019 11.30am, The Wayre car park
St Edmunds Way 19/07/2019 10.25am, outside 1 Manor Road
St Johns Avenue 19/07/2019 10.40am, outside 1 Manor Road
The Hill 19/07/2019 10.50am, outside 1 Manor Road
The Hoo 20/06/2019 10.15am, front of block 1-12
The Oxleys 04/07/2019 10.15am, entrance to Feryngs Close
The Wayre 06/06/2019 11.15am, The Wayre car park
Windmill Fields 13/06/2019 10.45am, outside 5 Windmill Fields

Staple Tye

Estate Date Time and meeting point Officer              
Barley Croft 24/07/2019 10.45am, outside 1 Barley Croft

Deborah Stafford

Joyners Field 19/06/2019 10am, outside 61-68 Joyners Field
Longbanks 05/06/2019 10.00am, by flat 20 Longbanks
Lower Meadow 24/04/2019 10.45am, outside 1 Lower Meadow
Moorfield 19/06/2019 11.00am, outside 1 Moorfield
Peterswood 10/07/2019 11.00am, by block 19-28 Peterswood
Risdens 10/07/2019 10.00am, by Staple Tye Library
Sherards Hatch 19/06/2019 10.45am, outside Flat 2 Sherards Hatch
Spruce Hill 24/07/2019 10.00am, outside 8 Spruce Hill
The Readings & Sakins Croft 31/07/2019 10.00am, outside 2 Readings
Tysea Close 31/07/2019 10.45am, Tysea Close Community Centre

Sumners and Kingsmoor

Estate Date Time and meeting point Officer
Archers 23/07/2019 10.15am, entrance Standingford/Keefield Emmanuel Nortey
Brocklesmead 04/09/2019 9.15am, entrance to Brocklesmead, outside 318
Dunstalls 17/09/2019 10.45am, entrance to Dunstalls / Sycamore Field
Fennells 17/07/2019 10.00am, entrance to Fennells
Halyday House 25/09/2019 10.15am, entrance to Halyday House
Hintons 17/09/2019 9.15am, entrance to Hintons
Hull Grove 25/09/2019 10.45am, entrance to Hull Grove
Keefield 23/07/2019 9.15am, entrance to Standingford/Keefield
Little Cattins 11/09/2019 9.15am, entrance to Little Cattins
Mallows Green 25/09/2019 9.15am, entrance to Mallows Green
Milwards 1-224 03/07/2019 9.15am, entrance to Milwards outside 4-7
Milwards 225/445 10/07/2019 9.15am, entrance to Milwards outside 225
Standingford 23/07/2019 9.45am, entrance to Standingford/Keefield
Sumners Farm Close 23/07/2019 10.45am, entrance to Sumner Farm Close
Sycamore Field 17/09/2019 9.45am, entrance to Dunstalls/Sycamore Field
Taylifers 30/09/2019 9.15am, entrance to Taylifers
Wellesley 23/07/2019 11.15am, entrance to Wellesley
Wissants 17/07/2019 9.15am, entrance to Wissants


Estate Date Time and meeting point Officer
Abbotsweld 18/07/2019 9.20am, outside 1 Abbotsweld Susan Wass
Barn Mead 21/08/2019 9.30am, outside 1 Barn Mead
Bishopsfield 18/09/2019 9.30am, outside the Common Room
Bushey Croft 11/09/2019 10.30am, outside 1 Bushey Croft
Charters Cross 18/09/2019 10.30am, outside the Common Room
Coppice Hatch 18/07/2019 9.00am, outside Coppice Hatch
Five Acres 21/08/2019 10.30am, outside 1 Five Acres
Kingsland 07/08/2019 10.15am, outside 1 Kingsland
Miles Close 24/07/2019 9.15am, entrance to Miles Close
Morris House 18/07/2019 10.20am, entrance to Morris House
Northbrooks 24/07/2019 10.00am, outside Block 39-70 Northbrooks
Partridge Court 21/08/2019 9.10am, entrance 1 Partridge Court
Sharpecroft 24/07/2019 11.30am, outside 55 Sharpecroft
Toddbrook 24/07/2019 9.30am, entrance to Toddbrook
Westfield 11/09/2019 9.30am, outside 8 Westfield
Willowfield 07/08/2019 11.15am, outside 1 Willowfield
Woodcroft 07/08/2019 9.30am, outside 8 Woodcroft