May elections

You must register to vote in the upcoming May elections before Wednesday 17 April. If you cannot attend the elections, you can apply for a postal vote before 5pm on Wednesday 17 April. Find all the key dates on our election news page.


Tenancy fraud

You're likely to lose your tenancy and you could lose your right to council housing in the future if you're caught committing housing fraud.

You may be fined or sent to prison if the fraud is serious.

We are working to tackle those who abuse the system so we can ensure that properties are allocated to those who truly need them.

The most common forms of tenancy fraud are:

  • unlawful subletting by letting out your council home without our permission
  • obtaining housing by deception by giving false information in your application
  • wrongly claimed succession by  taking over a tenancy you are not entitled to
  • swapping homes with another council tenant without our consent

Report fraud

If you suspect someone is involved in tenancy fraud, you can let us know online.

You can make reports anonymously and we will treat your report in the strictest of confidence.

If your report is about benefit fraud, including Housing Benefit, Income Support, Disability Benefit or Universal Credit, you need to report this to the Department for Work and Pensions on GOV.UK.