Your tenancy


Your tenancy agreement sets out your legal rights and responsibilities as a council tenant.

It also explains the actions that we can take if you breach these conditions.

Council tenancy agreement (pdf)

You can view your current tenancy details by signing up for a MyHome account

Types of tenancy

We offer 3 types of tenancy depending on your circumstances.

Introductory tenancy

We offer an introductory tenancy on a 12 month probationary period to show that you are responsible to maintain a secure tenancy.

If you do not breach your tenancy, it will be converted automatically after 12 months to a secure tenancy.

 If you breach the introductory tenancy, we can extend it for a further 6 months or end your tenancy.

Secure tenancy

A secure tenancy gives you more rights including:

Joint tenancy

If you have a joint tenancy you share the tenancy, and the tenancy conditions apply to both of you equally.

We will not normally offer a joint tenancy to a parent and child.

For more information on the tenancies we offer, you can also read our tenancy strategy (pdf)