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Tenant Move Incentives Scheme

We offer financial support to existing council tenants wanting to move to a smaller council home.

The aim of the scheme is to free up some of the 3,000 three-bedroom and 380 four or more bedroomed council homes in the town for families in need.

This scheme is voluntary. No tenants will be forced to downsize.

The financial incentives we offer depend on the number of bedrooms released.

  • £1,000 for 1 bedroom
  • £1,500 for 2 bedrooms
  • £2,000 for 3 bedrooms 
  • £2,500 for 4 bedrooms

We will pay an extra £1,000 if a tenant moves from a house or bungalow to a flat or maisonette. We may be able to help with removal costs.

We will also provide support on:

  • redirecting mail
  • notifying utility companies
  • planning for a smaller home
  • house clearances and removals

Existing council tenants wishing to downsize are also given higher priority when bidding for homes. 

  • if you are willing to give up all extra bedrooms, we will place you in Band 1
  • if you are willing to under occupy by one bedroom, we will place you in Band 2


The Tenant Move Incentive Scheme is available to tenants who:

  • have held a secure tenancy for at least a year at the date of application
  • qualify to join the Housing Needs Register
  • under-occupy their current property by at least one bedroom
  • have maintained their home in a satisfactory condition – subject to inspection
  • are not in arrears on their rent account - if you are, you must have an agreement to clear the arrears when an offer of accommodation is made
  • have kept to the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement

The Tenant Move Incentive Scheme is not available to tenants who:

  • are subject to a possession order
  • have been served with a notice of seeking possession for antisocial behaviour
  • have been served with a demotion order
  • have an introductory tenancy or are licensees
  • have previously received a Moving Incentive payment within the last 2 years
  • move on grounds of harassment, management, succession, joint to sole and sole to joint applications
  • we are taking out legal proceedings against
  • we need to move so that repairs can be made to the home
  • are homeless living in temporary accommodation
  • are registered providers tenants – tenants in this group may wish to contact their own registered provider to see if they offer any financial incentive scheme

Funding for the scheme will be allocated on a first come first serve basis based on the date of acceptance of the final offer.

To apply for the scheme, you need to:

We will assess your application by a home visit.